MOD Player, MOD, S3M, XM, IT for Java

Copyright (C) 2015 by Igor Kravtchenko


What is OZMod?

OZMod is a Java sound library designed to replay MOD tracker musics (MOD, S3M, XM, IT) and sounds (WAV, AIFF and AU). It can be integrated in your application in a matter of minuts, it's free under the LGPL licence and works everywhere (PC, MAC, Linux, ...) even into a web browser. Data can come from disk or any URL.
The main motivation of OZMod is to be able to replay music with a basic native Java configuration and without the need to pass by heavy mechanism like MP3 that can weight tons of mega bytes for long music.
OZMod doesn't use timer interruption, it works entirely using threads and has very low latency. All sounds FX are supported and it includes linear resampling for a better sound quality.
All of your MOD should be replayed without any difficulties with a very low CPU usage.
Currently, OZMod is designed for 16 bits, stereo, 44.1 khz and has a sound reproducing better than standard like Winamp.
Nevertheless, the software mixer is still in progress and lack of some functionalities such as cutoff/resonance filter.

What is not OZMod?

OZMod is not intended to be a super smart sound library with ultra high optimisation. First because it's written in Java and the code compiles exactly the same way in any platform (Windows, Linux, MAC or anything), i.e. there is no per platform tricks to optimise or such.
Secondly because there is currently no reel need to have an ultra high optimised library. Playing some WAV with a MOD music for instance takes very low CPU usage even with a medium optimised code.

OZMod is also not a multimedia player. Library like JMF does already the job.

How OZMod can help me?

OZMod helps you if you want for instance integrate sounds and musics in your game or demo. MOD files are tracker files. In the opposite of a MP3, you can replay a music that length minuts and minuts for just some tens of kilo bytes.
It other words, it's extremely compact like a MIDI file for instance and is perfectly suitable for embeded platform like cellulars.

How create MOD file?

In my humble opinion the best tracker is ModPlug Tracker. You can find here. But if you don't already know more or less MOD files maybe you may prefer MIDI. This is hardware and artist choice.

Is OZMod really free?

Yes, OZMod is under LGPL licence. In other words, you can use it at your convenience, but please credit and inform me of your project and merely, your bugs or problems. It will help me to improve the library.

How to load and play a MOD file?

OZMod is able to replay MOD (up to 16 channels), S3M, XM and IT module format.
Here is a very basic example on how to load a S3M file from the disk. The way it works for other formats is exactly the same except you just change the name of the Class.
The example works as an applet and shows a wave equalizer of the song, but this is ofcourse absolutely not an obligation, this is just for eyes candy.

Even if OZMod is not intended to be a multimedia player but a sound engine, is there some GUI just to quickly test some MOD online?

Yes absolutely, there is a very simple GUI to test your MOD, here
Once you have downloaded the Java code contained into the JAR file, just type on a command line:
java -jar PlayJavaMOD.jar et voila!

Is there any documentation?

Yes, just right here.

Where to download OZMod?

Version 0.4 is available here:

How to contact me?

Here: igor at tsarevitch . org